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Dr. Gary E Schwartz debates Michael Shermer at Electric Universe 2015

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On Monday, June 29, ‎Beacon of Mind contributor Dr. Gary E Schwartz will be part…


Bhava Ram leads at Yoga Journal Live for Warriors for Healing

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On Sunday, June 28, Beacon of Mind contributor and Deep Yoga co-founder Bhava Ram will…


Jonathan Tippett’s Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot at eatART Powers the Vancouver Art Gallery

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Prosthesis: The Anti-Robot, a creation of ‪‎Beacon of Mind‬ contributor Jonathan Tippett, will be featured at the…

Andrea Blackie,
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Param Media is a rising force in the emerging global transformational consciousness. We continue to expand upon our early successes, publishing intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually stimulating books for a growing worldwide audience of readers who desire to understand and experience higher, deeper, and wider aspects of reality.