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The Eternal Law

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Dr. John H Spencer’s extraordinary clarity helps to restore a sane vision of reality, while deepening our appreciation of what Einstein called 'the mysterious'.


The Songwriter's Survival Guide


Judy Stakee is a music industry guru who helped build the careers of many of today's stars, such as Sheryl Crow, Katy Perry, Jewel, Joy Williams, and more. Unleash your potential for songwriting greatness!


SUPER MIND: The Self-Science of Synchronicity and Divine Timing in Daily Life


Dr Gary E. Schwartz offers a bold and brilliant leap in scientific inquiry. Ascend into higher mind and benefit from synchronicities in your own life!


The Death of Yoko Kimura


In his debut novel, John Adams takes the reader on emotionally powerful cross-cultural journey through mental illness and human relationship, inspiring us to question the nature of insanity.


THE BEACON OF MIND: Reason and Intuition in the Ancient and Modern World


An extraordinary anthology with pioneering multidisciplinary contributors, from physics and neuroscience, to IT and yoga. Discover the balance between reason & intuition.


Join our author Bhava Ram at a retreat "From Stress and Anxiety to Power and Peace" - Carlsbad by the Sea Resort, Sep 5-6

Aug 26, 2015

Join our author Dr. Mario Beauregard at The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution - London UK, Aug 28-30

Aug 25, 2015


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