Alan Bourey, JD

Alan Bourey, JD is an attorney and counselor with over 38 years of experience, primarily in litigation. Currently restricting his practice to mediation through his company, A.C.C. (Affordable, Creative and Compassionate) Mediations, he recognizes that every case is different and that many cases are only resolved by using creative solutions. Alan has been able to settle 90% of all the cases that he has mediated, and he also serves as a parenting coordinator and decision maker assisting parties who have difficulty working together for the benefit of their children, and as an arbitrator rendering decisions in place of court proceedings. He is the author of A Common Path: The Future of Religion, Science and Spirituality.


2016 National Indie Excellence
Awards Finalist

Body, Mind & Spirit
2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year
Awards Finalist

New Age/Mind-Body-Spirit
2016 Independent Publisher Book
Awards Silver



Edited by Andrea Blackie and Dr. John H Spencer

What is reason? What is intuition? How are they interconnected, and how can they be balanced to maximize your chances for optimal success?

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