Dr. Ivana Gadjanski

Dr. Ivana Gadjanski is a pioneering scientist and an award winning poet. She is currently a researcher and Project Leader at Serbia's R&D Center for Bioengineering-BioIRC and Assistant Professor at Belgrade Metropolitan University. She is also the Founder of Fab Initiative, a non-profit promoting female biotech entrepreneurs in Serbia. A Fulbright Alumna of Columbia University, she was handpicked as one of TED's Global Fellows in 2012.


2016 National Indie Excellence
Awards Finalist

Body, Mind & Spirit
2015 INDIEFAB Book of the Year
Awards Finalist

New Age/Mind-Body-Spirit
2016 Independent Publisher Book
Awards Silver



Edited by Andrea Blackie and Dr. John H Spencer

What is reason? What is intuition? How are they interconnected, and how can they be balanced to maximize your chances for optimal success?

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