Dr. Lou Marinoff

Lou Marinoff, PhD, is currently Deputy Chair of Philosophy at The City College of New York, and the founding president of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA). He is also a Fellow of the Institute for Local Government at the University of Arizona, a Fellow of the Aspen Institute, Faculty of the Omega Institute, and Faculty of the World Economic Forum. He is the author of several books, including two international bestsellers, Plato Not Prozac and Therapy for the Sane, published in dozens of languages.

Lou is a contributor to The Beacon of Mind: Reason and Intuition in the Ancient in Modern World, and the author of the New Edition of Therapy for the Sane: How Philosophy Can Change Your Life.


Urging us not to accept victimhood blindly, Dr. Marinoff uses specific case studies from his counseling practice to show how the great thinkers can help us define our own philosophy...

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Edited by Andrea Blackie and Dr. John H Spencer

What is reason? What is intuition? How are they interconnected, and how can they be balanced to maximize your chances for optimal success?

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