Grace Clapham

Grace Clapham is an award winning entrepreneur, coming in first in the 'Inspirational Leadership' Awards at the Talent Unleashed Awards judged by Sir Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak. Grace has built strong communities across Southeast Asia, such as Secret {W} Business, CreativeMornings Singapore, and SheSays Singapore. In 2009, she founded her first company, Agent Grace, a boutique agency which helps companies navigate the Asia Pacific region. In 2013 she co-founded The Change School, an institute that helps individuals align their values and life choices. Grace is passionate about connecting people to themselves and the world around them in order to catalyze change.


Business Management & Leadership
2017 International Book
Awards Finalist



By Ayelet Baron

The prevailing mindset in business, which values profit above well-being and the environment that sustains us, is insane...

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"Our Journey to Corporate Sanity is a mirror to reflect and a tool to redefine the purpose and responsibility of the business world." - Rami Kleinmann