Lorne Schussel

Lorne Schussel, M.A.,M.S. M.Phil. is a final year doctoral student in clinical psychology at Columbia University, Teachers College and an instructor at the Spirituality Mind Body Institute currently teaching a graduate level course in Frontiers in Mind Body Medicine: Post Materialism in the 21st century. Lorne is the Project Director of the Contemplative Neuroscience and Connectivity Project in the Spirituality and Psychology research lab. His research focuses on the utilization of novel mind-body practices and on human connectivity within the framework of a post-materialist science. Lorne developed a psychological healing practice known as “The Best Self Visualization Method” which has been cited in the New York Times, ABC-online, and the Huffington Post. He has also been an invited speaker at the United Nations Mission to Nigeria and United Nation Church Center where he adapted the technique for global conflict resolution. The method has been added to a curriculum for mental health and resilience at LIJ-North Shore Hospital, and he has recently worked as visiting faculty at the California State Judicial College, teaching about consciousness, meditation and loving-kindness to appointed state judges. In his spare time Lorne enjoys creative endeavors in spiritually themed film and music. He is currently based in Los Angeles.



Mainstream science generally adheres to the metaphysical assumption of "materialism", the claim that matter is the only reality and that anything nonphysical is not real...

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