Monique Morrow

Monique is Chief Technology Strategist, President and Co-Founder The Humanized Internet. She has boosted the technology of Cisco through design and new technological concepts that include services such as: Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality (AI / MR), Blockchain, IoT and M2M, Semantic web, Cloud Federation and the Tactile Internet.

Monique has received numerous awards, such as Top 100 CIOs for 2016 (, Top Women in Cloud Innovations Award 2016 (CloudNow), Social Media Presence of the Year 2016 (AI Magazine), and 10 Women in Networking/Communications You Should Know.

Monique has an MBA from City University of Seattle (Zurich, Switzerland Program), an MS in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University, and a BA in French from San Jose State University.



By Sandy Carter

The competition is fierce, the talent is better than ever, and threats now emerge from all over the globe...

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"I can explain this book in five words: ‘Go extreme or go home.'" - Guy Kawasaki