Ryoko Spencer

Ryoko was born and raised in Japan. She has two university degrees, one in Human Sciences and the other in Psychology and Social Work. From being a scared little mouse who only wanted to be invisible to the world, she has transformed into a pioneer on the spiritual path.

Ryoko's forthcoming first book, The Mystic Light: Opening to the Guidance of Divine Messages, is co-authored with Dr John H Spencer. This book shares some of Ryoko's extraordinary mystical experiences, and offers reflections and inspiration for others on their own path of self-discovery.

Ryoko is also a co-founder of Param Media.


By Ryoko Spencer
and John H Spencer, PhD

A blind man helps her see beauty. A terrifying entity tries to crush her into nothingness. Hidden energetic faces are revealed. Golden liquid sexual energy nearly consumes her body. A geometric vision helps her understand Plato. And love brings her back to her lifeless body...

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