Shel Israel

Shel anticipates how tech will impact business processes. To a lesser degree than Robert Scoble (co-author with Shel of The Fourth Transformation), he is a global keynoter focusing on mixed reality’s impact on business. He is also a tech business journalist for such publications as Forbes, BusinessWeek, and Business Insider.

Shel began at the legendary Regis McKenna, Inc., and later served as Ketchum PR’s senior vice president for consumer technology worldwide. For 17 years he owned and led SIPR, an agency specializing in launching tech startups. His first startup was Sun Microsystems.

As a PR strategist, he played a role in introducing and popularizing such enduring categories as desktop presentation and mapping, PC sound and relational databases.



By Sandy Carter

The competition is fierce, the talent is better than ever, and threats now emerge from all over the globe...

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"I can explain this book in five words: ‘Go extreme or go home.'" - Guy Kawasaki