Vanessa Reid

Vanessa Reid is a pioneering leader who brings her unique brand of artistry to the field of social innovation. She served as executive director of Santropol Roulant, a vibrant non-profit founded by young people in which food is a catalyst for social change. Vanessa is the co-founder of the Living Wholeness Institute, working in collaboration with brave souls who are calling in new ways of living that sustain people and the planet. She has partnered with radically new systemic transformation initiatives like the Finance Innovation Lab UK, hosting depth learning with people and places.


Business Management & Leadership
2017 International Book
Awards Finalist



By Ayelet Baron

The prevailing mindset in business, which values profit above well-being and the environment that sustains us, is insane...

Full Synopsis

"Our Journey to Corporate Sanity is a mirror to reflect and a tool to redefine the purpose and responsibility of the business world." - Rami Kleinmann