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Extreme Innovation: 3 Superpowers for Purpose and Profit

The competition is fierce, the talent is better than ever, and threats now emerge from all over the globe. CEOs everywhere are struggling with innovation, with 81% saying their teams are not equipped to meet the challenges. In this book, you will gain insight into new best practices for extreme innovation, and learn how to develop new superpowers — speed, intelligence, and synergy — to drive both profit and purpose. Explore innovation accelerators like AI, VR, IoT, Obsession, Cognitive Diversity, and more.


THE BEACON OF MIND: Reason and Intuition in the Ancient and Modern World edited by Andrea Blackie and Dr. John H Spencer

An extraordinary anthology with pioneering multidisciplinary contributors, from physics and neuroscience, to IT and yoga. Discover the balance between reason & intuition.


Our Journey To Corporate Sanity: Transformational Stories from the Frontiers of 21st Century Leadership by Ayelet Baron


The Songwriter's Survival Guide


Judy Stakee is a music industry guru who helped build the careers of many of today's stars, such as Sheryl Crow, Katy Perry, Jewel, Joy Williams, and more. Unleash your potential for songwriting greatness!


The Eternal Law

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Dr. John H Spencer’s extraordinary clarity helps to restore a sane vision of reality, while deepening our appreciation of what Einstein called 'the mysterious'.


Love Eternal: Extraordinary Personal and Scientific Evidence for Life After Death by Rhonda Schwartz

(New Edition) (Forthcoming)

From the Book: "The door eased open and my heart began beating faster as light from the room flooded the tiny space...I stood there for a moment, seemingly frozen in time, considering what all of this could mean. If these were the papers I had been looking for—and if I had been led to them by the voice of my mother who had passed three days earlier—then everything from that moment forward was different, everything was changed."


Super Synchronicity: Where Science and Spirit Meet


Dr Gary E. Schwartz offers a bold and brilliant leap in scientific inquiry. Ascend into higher mind and benefit from synchronicities in your own life!


The Mystic Light: Opening to the Direct Experience of Divine Truth by Ryoko Spencer

Coming Soon.


The Death of Yoko Kimura


In his debut novel, John Adams takes the reader on emotionally powerful cross-cultural journey through mental illness and human relationship, inspiring us to question the nature of insanity.


Expanding Science: Visions Of A Post-materialist Paradigm

(Forthcoming 2016)

Mainstream science generally adheres to the metaphysical assumption of "materialism", the claim that matter is the only reality and that anything nonphysical is not real. However, that assumption is false. Indeed, the shift from materialist science to post-materialist science may be of vital importance to the evolution of the human civilization. It may be even more pivotal than the transition from geocentrism to heliocentrism. This anthology will feature pioneers who are leading the way toward a new post-materialist paradigm. Read more about the Manifesto for a Post-Materialist Science.

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