The Beauty of Wisdom:
How Ancient Philosophy Can Help You Live A More Enlightened Life

By Mindy Mandell

(Full synopsis forthcoming)

The power of ancient philosophy is often overlooked in our contemporary society. Mindy Mandell sets the record straight. She brings to life ancient philosophers like Plato to show you how you can share in their wisdom and divine understanding to life a more meaningful and enlightened life.

Mindy Mandell has been a mystic in the Platonic tradition since 1998. She became a student of Dr. Pierre Grimes a year or two later. She has spoken at conferences on living as a Platonist and is now working on a book to introduce this tradition to a wider audience. Plato unfolded a spiritual system to our Western culture every bit as profound as the giants of the East, and it was expanded upon by such thinkers as Proclus and Damascius. However, we must leave our academic approaches aside if we dare to move beyond intellectual insights into true vision.