The Death of Yoko Kimura
By John Adams

Alexander is a tormented, neurotic intellectual. After his wife, Yoko, goes back to Japan and cuts off all contact with him, he is convinced that she is dead. Then, at the peak of his despair, she calls to say that she is returning to him in England. Alexander's relief and joy, however, are to be short-lived.

Yoko now refuses to step outside of their home, claiming that Japanese gangsters have followed her to England and are recording their every movement. She believes they held her captive in Japan, but refuses to say what they did to her, or why they now want to kill her and Alexander. Her growing paranoia and incessant panic are driving him over the edge. Did he cause his wife's mental breakdown, or is her apparent delusion a doorway to reality?

John is a philosopher. When not contemplating beauty, depth, and spirituality in poetry and literature, he can be found trying to improve his pool game or in a Friday afternoon Zumba class. His deep love for Japan seems to be reciprocated, often in odd ways. He currently lives in seclusion on the windswept coast of the Irish Sea.