The Mystic Light:
Opening to the Guidance of Divine Messages

By Ryoko Spencer
with John H Spencer, PhD

A blind man helps her see beauty. A terrifying entity tries to crush her into nothingness. Hidden energetic faces are revealed. Golden liquid sexual energy nearly consumes her body. A geometric vision helps her understand Plato. And love brings her back to her lifeless body. Ryoko’s brief but powerful stories are based on true events, and her deep reflections can help you better understand your own mysterious experiences. Get ready to be inspired by The Mystic Light, and open to your own divine messages!

Ryoko was born and raised in Japan. She has two university degrees, one in Human Sciences and the other in Psychology and Social Work. From being a scared little mouse who only wanted to be invisible to the world, she has transformed into a pioneering spiritual warrior and CEO of Param Media.

But Ryoko is not a typical CEO. She is more like a Delphic Oracle. Or something else very ancient. She is frustrated with contemporary spirituality, which is often too superficial, too afraid of what we will discover in the depths. Ryoko wants to change that. Her first book,The Mystic Light: Opening to the Direct Experience of Divine Truth, will be available later this year. It highlights some of her extraordinary mystical experiences, and offers inspiration for others on their own path of understanding.